Show Up | Serve | Share is Emerald Presbyterian Church’s three step plan, agreed upon by all our elders, for accomplishing Christ’s plan for his church in Emerald. In three steps we can’t cover absolutely everything, but it’s biblical, simple, and we think it’s very doable.

Show Up

We follow a God who didn’t wait to be found, he showed up. His love was most vivid when he made himself physically present in the person of Jesus Christ. And Jesus loves his church! Your presence at Sunday church is a seriously powerful expression of your love for Christ and for his people.

Show up for Sunday church


Christ came not to be served, but to serve. God is love, but his love isn’t cheap. It took on its most graphic expression in sacrifice. If Emerald Presbyterian Church is going to be around for a long time for the good of Emerald and glory of God then we need to work together. Plus, serving together shapes our character to be more like our Saviour.

Serve on a ministry roster


The New Testament is riddled with “one another” commands that reflect the togetherness of living in Christian community. Love one another; encourage one another; confess your sins to one another; pray, comfort, greet etc. Christ’s people need to get used to sharing our lives with each other.

Share life with others by joining a home group